Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love and Peace..

Both the words are not merely words..These are very strong entities...

Here, I have given the first place to Love and then the second place to Peace. I believe that the universe is the reverse formation of the almighty. It starts manifestation from HIS ENERGY ( the Subtlest) to the EARTH ( the Grossest).
In this way going back to the source, means going back in the reverse order. Hence first the Peace and then the Love.

Love is the basis of all the creation. Only condition is that this love has to be very Strong..

Meditation is merely a mean of attaining peace. Actually you are THE PEACE, and meditation only helps you to remind that. Then a time comes, when you are IN Peace.
or in other words you realise that you are the peace.

When you are the peace, there is no agitation, no separation... only UNION..
UNI... Only ONE..

This is LOVE.. In love there is never TWO.. only ONE..

So if we try to translate this in our daily lives... then

(in the reverse order), First..give Peace to the other person..and then from that will shine forth the LOVE..

You can have your own way of extending peace to other or others.. But be sure that peace will surely result in LOVE.


Sunday, February 28, 2010


I remember very fondly, the times I was a kid. Living in the by lanes of Old Katra, Allahabad. Well.. don't be envious of me. Big B had left Allahabad by then for studies. Ho Ho Ho .. oh yes Holiii.
Almost one month prior to holi, we kids, my cousins, friends etc , used to get together, and start preparations of food items. Daily we used to go to our respective schools, come back and then peel potatoes, to make papads. Mom and aunties used to crush and make papads and chips and we used to spread those in the sun on cots to get those dry.. Another day, another kind of papads and namkeens, then Balushahi, then Gujias then Samosas.. and in this process we would never forget to count the days for actual holi dayss. Days because, our holi used to start from the last day at the school. Our friends used to colour our faces and leaving our dirty colourful shirts for our moms to wash. Then there was Holika Dahan, then Chchoti Holi (one day earlier), and then the main holi. Though, the next day as well,it was unsafe to go out in the fresh clothes, . Well you couldn't stop if a child would throw at balloon of colourful water on you.
Well coming back to the Holi.. We Kids..used to get up at 5am in the morning.. come to think of it, we actually could never get a proper sleep that night. So from early morning we would prepare our buckets of colourful water. Our Pichkaries,had already been repaired with new washers and grease etc.Then we would apply oil to our hands and faces. wear our holi clothes. Put on a topi and a scarf and move out of the house. Suddenly my Mom would shout and ask me to come back and have a few Gujias and samosas(my favourite till date). With great pain and resistance, I would come back, gobble down the things and rush away, of course after applying colour to the faces of my sisters and parents.
We would only return with friends at around noon, dance at home, sing songs, eat again and then take a bath.. In the evening, my fathers friends, (all Chachajis to me), used to come home, and my mom would bring out a big Parat( a huge copper dish), full of sweets, papads, namkeens etc and we all would sing and enjoy ourselves...

Flash back over...Cut to the present day..

I live presently in Delhi,in a flat.That bliss of living in a joint family has ebbed down. However yesterday, I thought of making Samosas at home, not that I couldn't buy those from the market, but.. it was a way for me to live back in times. I am writing this blog at 9.30 am, because there is nothing much to do at this time. Twice, have I checked the park outside my house, if some activity has started, but No.. Nothing.. I will have my tea now, with samosas that I have made..

My daughter doesn't consume anything fried or sweet, so she might have only a few. I hope I am able to finish the rest of the samosas..

But I am happy... that I have brought back a few of the moments from the good old days.. Happy Holi

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There is a lot happening about the WORDS, said by Amir Khan, a very fine actor, about the lyrics. If you haven't read those, then you are lucky. As per him, A song is famous because of the actors and not because of the lyrics.. Ch Ch Ch

How could he forget that as per our philosophy, the whole universe was created from a word: “AKSHAR”. Meaning, that which can not be destroyed. Words are first created in the thoughts, and then take shape. Emotions flow through them. And without the given emotions, through the written words, an actor, even of the capability of Amir Khan, can not emote on screen. He would look dumb and faceless on the screen.

Many a songs, which have been in the background score of the films, have been a huge hit. Hindustani music has colour and variety, while English songs sometimes sound monotonous with similar pattern of rhythms etc. BUT.. We still keep singing and enjoying these songs, because of the lyrics. Who can forget the songs like..Its only Words, or.. I just called to say, or.. I am a woman in love.. Or Kabhie Kabhie.. or Neela Aasman..

If his knowledge about the writers is poor, then he can’t blame it on the lyricists. Even Rabindra Nath Tagore’s songs are remembered more for the words.

Please remember that WORDS are the soul, Music to them is the BODY, and actors are only the ATTIRE
High Court finally has come to the rescue of over Five Lakh RICKSHAW WALLAHS of Delhi city. They have asked the city authority to look after them. Please don't be alarmed by the numbers, even if the allowed number of Ricks on the already congested roads of Delhi is only 99,000.

HC is giving in this way,the approval, to the Rickshaw wallas, to cross the roads, when the Red light is on. They can even creat anywhere a rickshaw stand on the road. They are allowed to overtake and scratch any car from any side, and if you get angry with them, then they are even allowed to abuse you. If a car is parked on a road, you have to pay a fine, but Rickshawallahs, are allowed to stand anywhere.

I am really happy for these rickshaw wallas. God Bless Delhi High Court.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A few days back, Delhi was engulfed in a Thick fog blanket. I had to go to visit an ailing friend of mine, who lives near Anand Vihar flyover, East Delhi.

It was about 5.15pm, the roads were almost empty, wheather was cold and light diminishing.As soon as I reached the National Highway Near Mayur Vihar- I, I spotted a young lady of about 29/30 yrs asking for lift. She was wearing good clothes, If I remember correctly now, a nice jacket, jeans etc. Seemed from a very good family and in distress. I have heard so many stories about hitch hiking and there after effects, but seeing a poor girl helpless on the empty and foggy road, made me forget all those stories, and as a good samaritan, I stopped my car and checked with her if I could be of any help to her.She asked me if I could drop her near Bus Terminal.

Though I was going to the same side, but somehow, the Idea of sitting with an unknown girl in the car made me uncomfortable, and I told her that I would be going only till the next traffic light junction, and then will turn right.She however asked me to drop on the same Light, so that she might get something from there to travel to her desired destination. Naturally I helped her and asked her to sit in the car.

Realising that the distance of travelling with me is going to be very short, she immediately after sitting, said " Do you want to do something?" It didn't register to me and asked her What did you say? She again repeated the question and said that she was a call girl. The drops of sweat appeared on my temples, and my mind went blank. I immediately stopped my car and asked her to get out of my car. She said " why don't you take a close look on me." I looked around in my car if there is anything valuable lying in the car, and caught her as well, scanning the interior of my car. There was nothing, and before she could say another word I simply came out of the car, and took out my mobile, as if I was going to call the police. She then decided to come out of the car and went away. I simply sat in the car, locked the doors and drove away, as if I had seen a bhoot. Looked in my rear view mirror and saw her again showing her thumb and asking for a lift on the road. Ufff Phewwww.

Today, I think, that I stopped my car, because I thought an innocent girl in distress was in need of help, BUT, this incident will stop me, now onwards, to STOP AND HELP ANY OTHER GIRL, EVEN IF SHE ACTUALLY NEEDS HELP.

Life has taught me another lesson to ignore and BE HAPPY.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vande Mataram,
Today is the REPUBLIC DAY of India. I am naturally very happy. I met a few of the children of my society, they were happy primarily because today was a holiday, and they could see air display from the comforts of their homes. Vow.. there goes patriotism for a toss. I "UNDERSTAND" friends. Please dont take me otherwise. Don't think for a second that I am talking like a pseudo. We are all Indians and we are a tolerant and understanding lot. Our arms are always open to embrace everyone around us, from any caste, creed, religion, nationality etc. WE UNDERSTAND THE WORLD. Actually we are the only people who understand and also the world expects that we must UNDERSTAND. HAMKO SAMAJHNA CHAHIYE.

Whether, we are welcomed in other parts of the world, whether we are being attacked overseas, whether our artists, sportpersons, engineers, IT specialists are not welcomed in other parts of the world....These questions must not come in our minds.We have to understand.

But if Pakistani players are not taken in the bids of IPL, even if the decision is purely a business equation. There will be a hue and cry. Even our HON'BLE Home Minister has to issue a statment, otherwise India will not remain an UNDERSTANDING country.

Please tell me, if due to any reasons, political or otherwise, these Pak players can not make to the matches, then who is at a loss. Are the Team owners plucking money from the trees. Why should they enter in a bad business.

I understand, that this is not fair for the cricketers, for the spirit of the sport itself, but why should we Indians be always UNDERSTANDING. Can our creative people go across the border and earn money and fame like we welcome their creative brains.
Should the door knob not be opened from both the sides.Why are our students being attacked in Autralia? Why can China build a road on the border and we can not? As a layman I am sorry if I am illinformed about these situations. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I think we are a bit extra tolerant, extra compassionate, Forbearing and over streching our arms.

I feel that the countries around us are insecure.

Do you think Indians in majority, barring a few, will miss the missing cricketers. I don't think so. ME POSITIVELY NOT..

Let the dust settle. Times will not remain the same. Again some good samaritans will come forward and bid for the Pakistani cricketers. Just a matter of a few months. We Indians are a HOPEFUL lot as well.

Till then..... remain understanding....and happy ... Well I AM.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey, I am Back. Today is sunday,and a very cool day. I believe the temprature outside is somewhere around 14 Deg. C. But there are a few social obligations, that one can't let freeze. So naturally I got up, had a bath, had a hot cup of tea and dashed out to visit my relative, whom I wanted to visit for a long time. But, my good intention had freezed in the Delhi cold and some other more pressing and not so good intentions had over powered this poor good intention. Well, today I was courageous enough to emerge a winner and come out of my home to sit in my car with my poor good intention.

But.. I made a mistake of telling my relative that I am on my way and will have another cup of tea with him. The distance from my home to his is hardly a 10 min. drive. I knew that today being a sunday, I will reach in time. Because on the other days,one can't be too sure of the arrival time. Living in the matropolitan city has its own charm. No body can blame you for not being punctual. You can always blame it on Traffic ( If not Rio. Ha Ha )

Well. Sorry I had somehow forgotten, that we are still living in the village,and not in a so called metro city. How could I forget, that just outside my house, there will be today a SUNDAY MARKET. Vegetables, fruits, utensils, bedsheets, maxis, minis...everything would be available right outside my home. How convenient. Only problem was, that I just could not move my vehicle on the road, which was full of vendors, and buyers of course. Surprisingly.. I saw people getting down from there Cars ( Skodas, Fiats, Suzuki SX4s etc)and bargaining with the vendors for eight annas, one rupee. They had parked their cars on the side and thus bloking whatever little emmty space was available on the road. Naturally, Rickshaw pullars were also sqeezing in, and ofcourse, cows and dogs were utilising there birth right to feed themselves on the road. No body would dare touch them otherwise Madam Maneka's sentiments would have been hurt.

Uffff. Silly Me.. How could I forget, that today was a Sunday, while just yesterday, I could not pass through the other road behind my society, because of the
Saturday Market.I am fortunate enough that I have four roads leading towards my house, and FORTUNATELY we have Monday Market, Wednesday market, Saturday Market, and Sunday Market. UMMMMM. Booo Hooo. Why dont we have more roads so that I could also have Tuesday, Thursday and Friday markets.

No body bothers about this, not even our POLICE, or government. So why should I.

And yes I forgot to tell you that I finally had lunch at my relatives place. Had a nice SUNDAY.. or in Shahid Kapoor's Kaminey style FUNDAY...

Don't worry..... Be Happy...